Fund Raising Strategy Day

On April 5th, the Fund Raising Committee for the building of the new Sanctuary will welcome Rusty Lewis to consult with us during a day long strategy session for raising the the remaining 2 million dollars needed for completion of the sanctuary. At the end of this session with Rusty, we will have a clear strategy and plan for meeting our fund raising needs.

Rusty is with a fund raising group named Generis. As an organized, discerning, and effective teacher and communicator, Rusty brings a highly customized approach to each initiative, recognizing that every church is motivated by unique concerns. His passion for building relationships with compelling ministries has drawn him to serve some of the most innovative and growing churches in America, including those embracing multi-site strategies. Having partnered with churches large and small, within 15 different denominations and non-denominational churches, Rusty is skilled at creating new processes with proven methods to fit the local culture of each congregation.

You can about Generis and Rusty by going to their website at