Don't Miss Holy Week!

Holy Week at First Church.png

I hope you are having a special and impactful Holy Week so far! I highly suggest all of you participate in as many of the services we are offering this week as you can. Your celebration of Easter on Sunday will be greatly impacted by your participation in these services.

Service Schedule:

Maundy Thursday- Tonight at 7:00 -- If you're not already planning on coming tonight for the Maundy Thursday Service, do whatever you can to be here. It is always an incredibly meaningful service for me and I promise it will help fix you in the right mind and spirit as we head into Easter. The celebration of Jesus' resurrection doesn't carry as much meaning if we do not journey with him to the cross. We will begin with some music from the choir and taking the Lord's Supper together. Then we will hear the scriptures recounting the last days of Jesus leading up to the cross with what is called a service of shadows.

Good Friday Communion - Friday at noon to 1:00 -- I will be serving communion in the sanctuary to anyone who would like to take a brief moment to stop in the midst of a busy day to remember the day Jesus died on the cross. You can come anytime between noon and 1:00.

Easter Sunrise Service on the Roof -- Sunday at 6:30am -- This is always one of my favorite services of the year. We will be having a simple service on the rooftop as the sun is rising celebrating the light of Christ breaking through the darkness.

Sanctuary Easter Service Sunday at 11:00am -- This will be a grand and beautiful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus for the first time in our new Sanctuary. Make sure you are coming and you do your very best to bring someone with you who would not normally come on their own.

Another thing you can do is share this with your friends so they are aware of all the opportunities we have to come together and receive all God has for us this Holy Week!

Grace and Peace,